History of the ShowPark Prague night club

The ShowPark Prague night club is ranked among the most popular businesses of this type in Prague. This legendary night club was opened in 1998 as a part of the RedLight Prague amusement zone for adults. It was known as SexPark Prague in the beginning of its operation.

ShowPark as a part of RedLight Prague

The RedLight Prague zone, well-known and very popular among the adult visitors of Prague, consisted of three main businesses initially.

The SexPark night club situated in Hall 18 of Holešovická tržnice with 27 rooms in an amsterdam style. The SexPark club has put extraordinary emphasis on the quality of its services from the very beginning. Absolute confidentiality continues to be a matter of course, just like the perfectly clean environment of the club.

Another business that formed a part of the RedLight Prague zone offered its customers a traditional peep show and erotic video projections. This part was known by customers under the name Erotic Center. Erotic Center consisted of two independent businesses - Erotic Center Holešovice, which was situated in the same hall as SexPark and Erotic Center Skořepka, which was located in Prague 1 on the well-known Skořepka street. Erotic Center Holešovice had a separate entrance near the current entrance of the strip bar and was not interconnected with SexPark at that time. They were united only later so that customers could visit both the businesses for one entrance fee.

And the RedLight bar was the third business: it offered a show for its visitors that was unprecedented beforehand and therefore enjoyed great popularity. Dancing shows featuring magnificent girls in title roles were performed regularly here. In order to ensure that the throats of the customers who enjoyed the beautiful dancers did not become parched, a bar with a complete choice of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks was available here. The RedLight bar was initially situated in Holešovická tržnice in the place where the car park of the Showpark Prague night club is located today.

Bar reconstruction

As the interest of the visitors in RedLight bar continued to grow continuously, its capacity eventually became insufficient. In order to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction of the visitors of the bar, the decision was made to considerably extend it.

Reconstruction and extension of the total area of the bar took place approximately a year after its first opening. The capacity of the bar was almost doubled which aerated the complete premises and allowed the provision of services for many more visitors. Even after this reconstruction, the strip bar still formed a separate building within the whole RedLight Prague erotic zone.

However, the character of the bar with its dancing performances of wild cats, its live DJ and its pole dancing remains intact.

August flood

August 2002 brought to Prague one of the most catastrophic floods in its history.

The complete ground floor of Hall 18 with the entrance to ShowPark and Erotic Center video cabins was flooded. The RedLight bar was covered with water just up to the level of the bar itself.

Intensive repairs started immediately after the water receded. We managed to quickly reopen ShowPark first, as it was affected the least thanks to its location on the first floor. It was only necessary to repair the entrance.

The wooden flooring of the RedLight bar was heavily damaged in the flood. In the month following the flood, an almost completely new bar was constructed, with a new audio system, and new glasses and stock. A new dancing stage was constructed and its festive grand opening took place in September.

The ground floor section of Erotic Center in Hall 18 where the video cabins were situated was not reconstructed . Even before the flood, the boom of the Internet reduced the number of customers interested in this type of service considerably. Erotic Center was interconnected with Showpark and its operation continued only in the premises of the first floor of Hall 18.

The building in which Erotic Center Skořepka was situated was damaged heavily. It started to be used for another purpose after reconstruction.

SexPark becomes ShowPark

2003 was a very important year for the SexPark Prague night club as the business was renamed Showpark Prague. This name remains in use to the present day. In spite of this fact, some visitors still call it by its original name - SexPark.

The name was changed in an effort to reverse the public’s perception. Replacing the word “sex” with the word “show” characterizes the unique character of this night club considerably better. A visit to ShowPark is regarded as a standard part of everyday life by a considerable part of the population today, video clips and TV reports are made in ShowPark, interviews with the ShowPark girls are published in both the magazines focused primarily on the male population and in magazines intended for women. ShowPark is commonly visited by well-known celebrities.

ShowPark becomes one of the biggest night clubs in Central Europe

The continuous interest of visitors successively started to exceed the original capacity of the ShowPark night club and it was decided that it would be necessary to extend the premises of the business. Utilization of the last unused third of Hall 18 of Holešovická tržnice seemed to be an ideal option. Necessary modifications of these premises were made and another part of ShowPark was opened in 2004. ShowPark became a centre of amusement for the adult visitors offering 61 luxury and fully-equipped rooms in an amsterdam style. This extension ranked Showpark among the biggest night clubs in Central Europe. The ShowPark night club was far and wide second-to-none thanks to its size and its broad choice of services. ShowPark obtained an excellent reputation among the visitors of erotic clubs who were glad to return and even bring their friends with them.

Bar moved in hall 18

A big change in the general concept of the RedLight Prague erotic zone was made in 2008. The RedLight Bar that was situated in a separate building close to ShowPark up to that time was moved into the one-storey hall number 18 of Holešovická tržnice in the premises used formerly for video cabins of Erotic Center Holešovice. It meant a virtual abandonment of the original concept of the RedLight Prague erotic zone. The vacated area was utilized as a car park for the visitors of ShowPark. It was open on a round-the-clock basis initially, however, visitors to the adjacent Holešovická tržnice ended up using the parking places that were intended for the visitors of Showpark. For that reason, the concept was changed: the car park opens at 6.00 p.m. every day and is available for Showpark night club visitors till 6.00 a.m.

The RedLight Bar used the same concept as in the original premises after the move. However, principal reconstruction of the complete bar facilities and change of the conception and name took place during several consequent months. TAT bar (Time after Time bar), focused on VIP clientele and known celebrities of Czech show business, was established. Parties of well-known magazines such as SPY, Maxim, FHM etc. took place in the TAT bar. It means that the complete concept of utilization of Hall 18 is successively more and more accepted by the media and the general public as a standard part of life. Spatial and conceptual unification of the bar with ShowPark is a long-term objective.

A lounge for both the visitors of ShowPark and girls

Reconstruction of the whole third of the central area of the night club - the part of the former peep show of the Erotic Center club utilized later as a gambling club for both visitors and girls - took place in ShowPark in 2009. The result of the reconstruction was a luxurious lounge and an intimate gambling club. A pleasant environment suitable for relaxation, refreshment and resting was created in ShowPark. Visitors can meet the girls who perform erotic shows, chat with them or simply enjoy watching their marvellous bodies in the lounge.

ShowPark joined with the bar

A complete joining of the ShowPark night club and the TAT bar took place in the same year, i.e. in 2009. This joining has brought a great advantage and freedom to all visitors. They can visit the rooms in an amsterdam style, sit and relax in the luxurious lounge or enjoy themselves by watching beautiful girls in the Strip bar who perform their exciting show  - all for one entrance fee. The name TAT bar has been omitted progressively and the bar is now perceived as an integral part of the ShowPark night club without the need for its own name.

New luxury rooms of an extra large size

2011 has brought a reconstruction of the remaining part of the business for ShowPark. New luxury rooms have been created in ShowPark by joining original rooms during the reconstruction. The total number of rooms in ShowPark has been reduced from 61 to 58 as a result of this reconstruction. The result is the creation of a group of very comfortable, extra-large-sized rooms that will certainly be appreciated by many visitors.

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The new club ShowPark DaVINCI was established in the center of Prague close to I. P. Pavlova in 2012. The historical building SowPark' s DaVINCI was partially renovated and modified to become an attractive and quality nightclub for adults. Visitors enjoy here fun, beautiful girls, luxurior bar and intimate atmosphere. 23 stylishly furnished room and beautiful roofed apartment with stunning views wait for all customers.

The interior has been comppletely renovated in 2015 - now offer everyone 30th and 40's design spaces in New York, where Silvercreen ruled the world.

Significant milestones in Showpark history

  • 1999 – opening of the legendary night club with the name SexPark
  • 2002 – business renamed to Showpark
  • 2004 – Showpark extension to 61 rooms in an Amsterdam style
  • 2008 – bar relocation to the Showpark building
  • 2009 – lounge opened in Showpark
  • 2011 – new larger and more comfortable rooms constructed
  • 2012 - opening new night club ShowPark DaVINCI
  • 2015 - renovation of the interior ShowPark DaVINCI